During your stay at the Cheriton, we hope that you will take the time to enjoy the lovely gardens. The garden can be accessed from the steps at the far side of the car park. Please feel free to use the tables and chairs and take the time to relax whilst listening to the gentle flow of the river nestled at the bottom of the garden.

On a warm afternoon, carefully take the steps down to the small quay where you may well find one of us down there enjoying a cool drink whilst dangling our feet in the running river water. You will be more than welcome to join us.

Guests are welcome to bring their own food, refreshments and picnics into the garden. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, why not plan a BBQ during your stay with us!

The lounge

The lounge is a relaxing environment for all guests, with comfortable sofas and TV, natural lighting and and an inviting space to unwind. Glasses are provided so that guests can bring a drink into the room with them if they wish and relax whilst reviewing the day and planning the next day’s activities.

Dining room

When the dining room is not set up for breakfast or being used for a planned function it can be used as a social space. If guests wish to bring hot takeaway food back occasionally, a table can be set and crockery and cutlery made available.

We are more than happy to help guests and aim to make your stay with us one to remember.

Car park & parking

We have a small car park at the rear of the house accessed from the side road at the end of the terrace. It may be a bit of a squeeze when the house is full but, with co-operation, we find that we are able to get our guests parked on site. All that we ask is if parking your vehicle obstructs another guest’s car then please leave your keys with us when you are going out, and possibly when you are staying in if you don’t wish to be disturbed, in the event your car needs to be moved.

In the unlikely event of a guest being unable to park at the Cheriton, unrestricted parking is frequently available on the adjacent road, Lawn Vista. Alternatively, turning right out of the side road and heading out of town a small car park can be found behind the funeral director’s office on the right. You may leave a car there for 2-hours free of charge during the day and overnight after 6:00 pm. The side roads a little further up on the left also provide the opportunity for parking.