Below is all the information you need to know when staying at the Cheriton Guest House. From check-in times to how to contact us during your stay.

Car park

We have a small car park at the back of the house accessed from the side road at the end of the terrace. It may be a bit of a squeeze when the house is full but with co-operation, we find that we are able to get our guests parked on site. All that we ask is that if when parking your vehicle obstructs another guest’s car then please leave your keys with us when you are going out and possibly when you are staying in if you don’t wish to be disturbed in the event of your car needs to be moved.

In the unlikely event of a guest not being able to park at the Cheriton, unrestricted parking is frequently available on the adjacent road, Lawn Vista.  Alternatively, turning right out of the side road and heading out of town a small car park can be found behind the funeral director’s office on the right. You may leave a car there for 2 hours free of charge during the day and overnight after 6:00 pm. The side roads a little further up on the left also provide the opportunity for parking.

Check-in time

Our normal check-in time is between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm but we aim to be as flexible and practical as we can.  Please let us know if you expect to arrive at a different time.  If you are arriving earlier by arrangement, we are happy for you to have your room if it is ready, but we can’t guarantee rooms will be ready before 3:00 pm, particularly at busy times.  If your room is not ready, we are happy for you to leave your car in the car park and return later.

Check-out & room cleaning

Check-out time is 10:00 am. It is normally possible to leave a car in the car park on the day of departure until lunchtime.  Rooms are serviced each day between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.


Breakfast is served between 8:30 am and 9:00 am. An early breakfast can be arranged on request. Please have a look at the menu in advance and note that some items need to be ordered the evening before to ensure availability.


In the interest of conserving water, we would hope that you may consider using your towels for more than one day. If you require your towels changing please place them in the shower tray and they will be changed when the rooms are serviced.


An iron and ironing board can be made available upon request.

Fire alarm

Please note the fire alarm points. If the fire bell rings please leave the building by the nearest exit. Please do not assume that it is a false alarm. Please read the instructions available in the room and be aware of the procedures and meeting points that need to be used in the event of an evacuation.


Guests are given a room key and a key to the front door. We would always advise guests to lock their rooms when they are not occupying them.

In the event of being out of the house after 10:00 pm at night please make sure that you have a front door key with you. The front door has a Yale lock and hence will automatically lock itself when you close the door behind you. The key only needs to be used to open the door when you approach it from outside the house.


Please remember that it is against the law to smoke in a public building like our Guest House.  It is our policy to ask that if guests would like to smoke, they can do so at that back of the house. Your cooperation in this matter will be most gratefully appreciated.

Tea & Coffee

Tea and coffee are available in the room, you will find extra provisions available in the hall table drawer along with a selection of fruit and herbal teas.

Sachets of milk are available in the rooms, however, if you would like to use fresh milk then you will find small jugs and milk available in the chiller unit in the dining room.

Hot take away food

Please don’t take hot takeaway food into the guest rooms. By arrangement, we will be more than happy to clear a table in the dining room to enable you to eat in comfort.

Wi Fi

This is provided free throughout the house on the condition that guests always use it for lawful purposes and are reasonable in relation to amounts of data down or uploaded.


Please feel free to use the garden at all times, but please take care on the steps and more particularly if you venture down the steep steps to the river platform at the end of the garden. You are welcome to bring your own food and picnic in the garden and you are equally welcome to use the BBQ equipment by arrangement.

Contacting us

There are two bell pushes, one near the hall table and one near the kitchen door. We will also generally have the mobile phone with us so, if all else fails, make a call.